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This Amazing Rotating Hotel Spins You As You Sleep

This Amazing Rotating Hotel Spins You As You Sleep

Nestled on the coast of the Mediterranean beside the stunning mountainous region of southern Turkey, the town of Antalya is a pretty magical place. Throw in the fact that it’s home to the world’s first and only fully rotating hotel and you’ll be dizzy just thinking about it.


The Marmara Antalya Hotel seems like a normal hotel at first glance – it’s a luxurious and chic hideaway that offers stunning views of the turquoise coast as well as access to the remarkable ancient history of the region. Marmara’s main building is pretty standard too, with over 200 suites on offer to visitors.

But it’s Marmara’s additional loft that packs a real punch – this small building rotates gently every half hour offering guests a spectacular panoramic view of the region. You’ll get the best of both world when you go to sleep facing the Mediterranean coast and wake up facing the mountains.


So how is that even possible? Well the $12 million dollar cylindrical structure is actually floating on water. It sits in a special pool system filled with almost 500 tonnes of water which allows it to slowly rotate 360 degrees with the help of six small electric motors. The bottom three floors of the building are submerged in water, while the top three enjoy enviable views around the area.


Even though it’s technically floating, the structure is completely safe and there’s no chance of it tipping over. Nor will you get particularly dizzy – the building moves at a very slow pace and can take anywhere up to 22 hours to complete a full rotation. Still, it’s pretty damn cool – our guess is you’ll want to stay in your room all day, just to see the full effects of world outside passing you by.


A night in the Marmara Antalya Hotel will set you back around €80 ($125AUD) per night.

(Lead image: shelmac/Flickr, all other images Marmara Antalya Hotel)

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