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These Riverside Hot Springs Are Like Nature’s Jacuzzi

These Riverside Hot Springs Are Like Nature’s Jacuzzi

Whistler is, without a doubt, heaven for skiiers – this popular Canadian resort town offers some of the best slopes in the world. But did you know there’s so much more to Whistler than you could have imagined? Check out this perfect little rest stop that’s great for an après-ski dip, for example.

About a two and a half hour drive north of Whistler is a set of cliffside springs that’ll definitely sooth those weary muscles after a morning of mountain shredding. And funnily enough, this place is so nice they decided to name it twice. Some know it as the Keyhole Hot Springs, and others as the Pebble Creek Hot Springs – either way, you’re in for a real treat here.

These springs have naturally formed over the years, creating idyllic cliffside tubs alongside the rushing Upper Lillooet River. There are five pools in total, and they’re a little cosy, so be prepared to get extra friendly with your tub-mates.

You’ll notice that each tub actually has its own water tap too, that were once used to regulate the water temperature, though unfortunately they’ve fallen into disrepair. As the tubs can get very warm, locals have come up with a solution. There’s a resident bucket on hand that you can use to bring fresh cold water from the river into your cliffside hot tub. Very handy.

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Pretty nice, right? Well, the hardest part of it all might just be getting there – you won’t find it on Google Maps (yikes!) but if you’ve got a GPS it shouldn’t be a hassle.

And though the springs are open year round, don’t be surprised in winter if you’ll need to hike or snowshoe over a few extra snow hills to reach it. But once you slide into your cosy fresh water hot tub, we can all but guarantee your troubles will melt away.

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