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These Are The World’s 12 Most Tree-Friendly Cities

These Are The World’s 12 Most Tree-Friendly Cities

The world’s 12 most tree-friendly cities have been revealed and some of the contenders might surprise you – others, not so much (ahem, Switzerland).

Green cities have become a worldwide movement, and they’re popping up all over the place. ‘Treepedia’ is the brainchild of MIT’s Senseable Lab and World Economic Forum (WEF) which aims to make information about urban planning more available to the general public.

Studying aerial images from Google Street View, researchers calculated the percentage of greenery in each city, and with no Australian cities making the cut, it’s clear that we seriously need to lift our game.

Here are 12 cities ranked by their density of greenery that we could learn from.


#1 Singapore: 29.3%

This Asian island city-state ranks first on the Treepedia list. The nation is currently leading the world with the highest percentage of trees in any city. Singapore is even planning for 85% of its citizens to live 400 metres from a park, or so they said in a 2013 Land Use Plan.

#2 Vancouver, Canada: 25.9%

Canada places second on the Treepedia rankings with Vancouver racking up the second highest percentage of trees in one city. Vancouver is the ultimate destination for nature lovers, with must see spots including Stanley Park, Elizabeth Park and Grouse Mountain.

#3 Sacramento, California: 23.6%

With its stunning river running through it, Sacramento is a lush green city that is perfect for travellers who want a halfway point between a city and suburban experience.

#4 Frankfurt, Germany: 21.5%

Interestingly, Frankfurt is the first European city to make it into the top three of Treepedia’s rankings. It’s easy to see why. Eltz Castle is one of the greenest spots in Frankfurt, shaded by dozens of tree canopies, and Palmengarten also boasts some pretty great cacti and plant breeds worth checking out.

#5 Geneva, Switzerland: 21.4%

Surrounded by the snow covered Alps, Geneva narrowly missed out on fourth place. The green city is definitely one to add to your travel bucket list. A quick Google image search of Lake Geneva should be all it takes to convince you.


#6 Amsterdam, Netherlands: 20.6%

Apart from being a popular city for cyclists, Amsterdam is pretty green too with a relatively high percentage of trees. Paddling through its canals, you’ll see lots of trees lining the footpath, and the city also has plenty of parks to enjoy when you’re tired of the city hustle.

#7 Seattle, Washington: 20%

Seattle has some great hiking ops with backdrops of pine trees and waterfalls. With tons of trees and flowers, Green Lake Seattle is one of the many beautiful places to visit in the city and a frequent local hangout.

#8 Toronto, Canada: 19.5%

The land of the maple leaf has done it again with not one but two Canadian cities on the list for a high percentage of trees. Make the most of the picturesque yellow, pink and orange hues of Toronto if you visit around fall.

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#9 Miami, Florida: 19.4%

Most of the trees you’ll spot in Miami will probably be palm trees. This tropical destination is one to add to the travel bucket list, offering pristine beaches and plenty of natural spots.

#10 Boston, Massachusetts: 18.2%

With 18.2% percentage of tree coverage, Boston has lots of great suburban places to unwind. Boston Nature Centre is one of the greenest spots in the city and the Public Gardens makes a good picnic spot for the casual traveller.

#11 Tel Aviv, Israel: 17.5%

Tel Aviv’s nightlife may be pretty hectic and its city extravagant, but its tree percentage is still pretty high. Natural destinations like Yarkon River provide an oasis from the city and are home to lots of greenery.


#12 Los Angeles, California: 15.2%

The second Californian city to make the list is LA, which is home to many palm trees reaching for the skies. You’ll find these tropical trees, similar to Miami, lining boulevards and popping up on the beaches. The city doesn’t just make for great Instagram stories, but is a green city in its own right.

 Your move Australia.

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