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These 12 Cities Were Trending With Aussie Travellers In 2016

These 12 Cities Were Trending With Aussie Travellers In 2016

Accommodation booking site Trivago have shared their top 12 international searches for Aussie travellers in 2016 – any guesses on number one?

Our passports have spoken. Research conducted by Trivago has revealed the top 12 cities that are #trending with Australian travellers right now. The list is based on the international cities that have experienced the highest increase of searches on Trivago’s website in 2016.

So where do our travel affinities lie? With Bali, of course.


There’s a good reason Bali is such a firm favourite with Australians. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, a place to party, a foodie adventure or a holistic getaway, Indonesia’s island paradise offers all that and more. And now with year-round services with our mates at Qantas, it’s no wonder Bali has become synonymous with the idea of an Aussie getaway.


Following Bali was Singapore, with Honolulu, London and New York rounding out the top five. Unsurprisingly, Australians are still besotted with the US, with three American cities making the top 10. Europe, on the other hand, didn’t make a splash in the top ten, which is a surprise considering our affinity with this wide-reaching continent.

You can check out the remainder of the list below, as well as Trivago’s stats on the average duration of stay for Aussie travellers last year.

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#1 Bali, Indonesia (7.53 nights)
#2 Singapore (4.47)
#3 Honolulu, USA (7.77)
#4 London, United Kingdom (5.29)
#5 New York, USA (7.08)
#6 Las Vegas, USA (4.76)
#7 Hong Kong (5.35)
#8 Tokyo, Japan (5.44)
#9 Patong Beach, Thailand (9.26)
#10 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (4.43)
#11 Paris, France (4.73)
#12 Queenstown, New Zealand (4.63)

(Lead image: Bali by Micks Place/Facebook)

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