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There’s A Crazy Rumour That Disneyland Might Be Coming To Oz

There’s A Crazy Rumour That Disneyland Might Be Coming To Oz

Guys, drop everything. Something big is reportedly coming to the Gold Coast.

(Photo: Jackie Nell/Flickr)

Multiple news sources are reporting that Queensland might soon be home to iconic theme park Disneyland in the near future. Yes, really.

It all stems from a Gold Coast Bulletin story from last week, which revealed details of a recent deal between the Wanda Group (a conglomerate owned by Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin) and the Queensland Government to build another major theme park on the Gold Coast.

The “multi-billion-dollar attraction” is said to rival Dreamworld and Movie World – so if we read between the lines, that totally means Disneyland is coming, right? Right?

Not really. When asked whether the the new park would have a Disney theme, Wanda Group’s general manager Xie Hong declined to comment.

The Wanda Group have recently forked out about $2.5 billion on the Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort in Yunnan, China. So, more than likely, if a park were to be built in the Gold Coast, it would similarly have no Disney affiliation.


But we can still dream right? In 2016, Disney will be opening their much anticipated Shanghai Disney Resort in China, following the arrivals of Disney parks in Japan and Hong Kong in recent years. The Asian contingent of the franchise joins the two US sites, Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida, as well as EuroDisney in France.

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Either way, something big is coming to the Gold Coast and whatever it turns out to be, we are so there.


(h/t Gold Coast Bulletin)

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