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There Is A Ninja Restaurant In New York

There Is A Ninja Restaurant In New York

Ninja New York, a Japanese restaurant in Tribeca, takes the concept of themed dining to a new level. Here, dinner is (stealthily) served by Ninjas, who drop from the ceiling, pop out of hidden doorways, and appear in puffs of smoke to scare the bejeezus out of your entire dining party.


The entire restaurant is carefully decorated to resemble a feudal-era “ninja village” or dojo, with dimly-lit, maze-like passageways, stone walls and low ceilings.

(Photo: Ninja New York/Facebook)

The staff, who all enthusiastically play the part of ruthless martial arts experts straight out of ancient Japan, sneak up on customers in between serving drinks, so you may just be too nervous to actually eat anything.

ninja menu 3

But even if theme restaurants aren’t your thing, Ninja New York is about more than cheap thrills. They serve up delicious, high-end Japanese cuisine right alongside the karate chops and katana stabs, so bring along your most adventurous friends for an unforgettable night out. Just never, ever sit with your back to the door.

(Lead image: Wikipedia Commons)

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