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Bear Grylls Has Opened A Survival Academy In NSW

Bear Grylls Has Opened A Survival Academy In NSW

Certified super-human Bear Grylls – a British survivalist who is perhaps best known for drinking his own bodily fluids on television – has partnered with Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures to open a “survival academy” in NSW that promises to teach participants how to conquer the wilderness.


The 24-hour course, which takes place on a 3000-acre wilderness property on the NSW Central Coast (about an hour from Sydney), is not for the faint of heart: instructors lead small groups of participants through the unforgiving environment while demonstrating how to tie knots, build shelters, navigate using only the stars, start fires, forage for food and even fend off wild animals.

The property covers a wide variety of challenging terrains, including rainforest, bushland, river flats, and sandstone mountains. Participants will learn how to abseil, rock scramble and commando crawl through and across each and every one of them.

This could be you (Photo: Glenworth Valley/Facebook)

In the words of the man himself, you’ll leave with the skills to help you through “any life-challenging situation”, but it comes at a price. It’ll cost you $645 to fulfill your life-long fantasy of foraging worms and crawling through mud with a man named Bear. More information here.

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