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There Is A Dessert Festival In Sydney This Week

There Is A Dessert Festival In Sydney This Week

Dessert and pastry chef Anna Polyviou’s makes a pretty mean carrot cake, and no one knows this better than Fiona, Rose and Jacqui from this year’s season of Masterchef. The dish, which was named Dessert of the Year in 2014, was set as an elimination challenge on the popular Channel Ten cooking (and crying) competition. With dozens of ingredients and 35 intricate steps in the method, the carrot cake was – for a brief moment in time – the most talked about dessert in Australia.


Now Polyviou is teaming up with a bunch of pastry and dessert stars in Sydney to put on a festival that’s more or less mandatory for those who are a slave to their sweet tooth.  Returning for its second year, the Sweet Street festival is going to fill the Shangri-La Hotel with mounds of confectionary treats this Wednesday July 8. Taking over three huge rooms (including the Grand Ballroom), the desserts will be on sale in a street market style, with stalls, DJs, break-dancers and graffiti artists.

(Photo: Shangri-La Hotel/Facebook)

Dessert will be served by pastry stars like Adriano Zumbo, Gelato Messina, LuxBite, Cacao, Kirsten Tibballs, N2 Extreme Gelato, Black Star Pastry, Andy Bowden and Anna Polyviou herself.

Tickets are $75, but you get eight tokens included with this that you can redeem at stalls for – well – dessert.

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The event runs from 5:30pm to 9:30pm this Wednesday at the Shangri-La Hotel at 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks. Hopefully you can sleep off that sugar high in time for work the next day.

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