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The World’s Only Full-Loop Waterslide Is Almost Here

The World’s Only Full-Loop Waterslide Is Almost Here

The real-life mad scientists at Canada’s Skyturtle Technologies have begun test runs on a feat of engineering long thought to be impossible, insane and potentially dangerous. A 30-metre, 90-degree full-loop waterslide looks set to be installed in an infamous New Jersey water park next year.

Action Park – formerly known as Mountain Creek Action Park, or “Class-Action Park” by locals for reasons you can probably guess – was actually home to the world’s first full-loop waterslide, called the Cannonball Loop, back in the mid-1980s. The Cannonball Loop was closed very shortly after it opened due to safety concerns, but the new owners of Action Park have teamed up with Skyturtle Technologies and are giving the dream another shot.

An updated, high-tech version called the Sky Caliber 2.0 strap riders into an aluminium alloy-pod and shoots them through the 10-metre high loop at 80 kilometres per hour. The Sky Caliber will cost $1.4 million, and a prototype is currently being tested in Missouri ahead of a scheduled 2016 open date. It probably wouldn’t kill you to ride it, but there’s only one way to find out…

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