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The Top 20 Countries That Are So Beautiful They Need #NoFilter

The Top 20 Countries That Are So Beautiful They Need #NoFilter

Us Instagrammers know that using the hashtag #NoFilter comes with a certain sense of pride. That beach or night sky you’ve captured is already so beautiful that it doesn’t need a touch up. You’ve effectively won Instagram just by finding a place so stunning that all you has to do was lift up your phone and snap an image. Congrats.

But where do we find these elusive beautiful countries with their perfect landscapes that don’t need even a hint of Mayfair or Valencia? Travel site Busbud have done the hard yards for us (seriously, they combed through a million Instagram photos – these guys deserve a medal) and analysed which countries have the greatest usage of the #NoFilter hashtag on Instagram. And it turns out that these stunning filter-void landscapes are a little off the beaten track.


The beautiful islands of the Bahamas beat out Iceland for the top spot with 4.32 percent and 4.30 percent of the posts respectively containing a #NoFilter hashtag. The list is pretty wide reaching, with places like Montenegro, Estonia and Costa Rica making high strides – somewhat surprising, popular tourist spots like Italy and France didn’t even make the list.

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The sun-drenched beaches of the Bahamas seem to appease Instagram users the most, and are a stark contrast to the icy landscapes of Iceland where sky shots of the glowing Northern Lights are very popular.

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Finland, Croatia and Canada rounded out the top five, with Australia sneaking in at number 20 with 1.57 percent. Not bad, guys, not bad.


Busbud even gauged the popularity of these #NoFilter countries based on how many likes they got, with the all out winner being The Maldives. #NoFilter posts from this tropical island nation averaged three times as many likes as posts from second placed Lebanon, which proves what we’ve known forever  – everyone loves a good beach shot.


In their exposé, they even found out that – shocker – some people use the #NoFilter hashtag even when they use a filter. About seven percent of Instagram photos were manipulated using filters and then tagged with a deceitful #NoFilter. So life is pretty much a web of lies.


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