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The Set From ‘La La Land’ Is Now Open To Tourists

The Set From ‘La La Land’ Is Now Open To Tourists

The year’s most talked about film and Oscars favourite La La Land has a whole lot of us swooning. And not just because of the love story between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

The film has been dubbed “A Love Letter to LA” for the way it captures the beautiful scenery and unique panache of life in the city of angels. The long dance sequences and bright, bold colours draw attention to the city around them, reminding us all that Los Angeles is truly one of the greatest cities in the world.

For all of the film folk and Hollywood dreamers that fell in love with the film, we have some good news. You can now visit the set of the coffee shop that Emma Stone’s character Mia worked at while she was daydreaming of stardom. Just like in the film, the cafe lives on the Warner Bros lot in Hollywood and has been carefully reconstructed to pay homage to the award-winning film. Tourists that take the Warner Bros Hollywood Tour will get to see the cute green cafe, along with a whole bunch of other sets and costumes from classic Warner Bros films and television shows.

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Of course, as we mentioned earlier, the city of Los Angeles itself is the most impressive set used in the film. You can visit the Griffith Observatory to recreate the titular astrological dance number or try singing a ballad to strangers on the Santa Monica Pier.

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Tours of the La La Land coffee shop set are only happening until March 6, so you better hop, skip and pas de bourree to it. Thankfully, the other memorable parts of the City of Stars will remain for years to come.

(Lead image courtesy of Lionsgate)

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