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The Hardest Part Of Staying At This Futuristic Mountain Shelter Is Getting There

The Hardest Part Of Staying At This Futuristic Mountain Shelter Is Getting There

Located 2,835 metres above sea level on the highest mountain in the Alps is Bivacco Gervasutti, a sky-high shelter that serves as your reward for scaling the difficult terrain of Mont Blanc in Italy.

The building itself is protrudes out from one of the cliff sides on the snow-capped mountain, making for vertigo-inducing views of the surrounding landscape. With vistas over the Frebouze Glacier, it’s probably the most beautiful place you’ll wake up.



Originally a wooden shelter built in memory of a famous alpine climber in 1948, renovations took place in 2011 that brought this tribute into the 21st century. It features living and dining areas, and two rooms that sleep 12 in bunk-style bedding. It generates its solar-powered energy and, despite being on the top of a remote mountain, it has internet access, should you need to urgently Instagram your adventures.


Because of its tricky location, is was built using helicopters to fly in each piece used for construction.


Similarly, if you want to spend the night, you’ve got to earn your keep: the only way to reach the shelter is to ascend from Val Ferret by foot, a challenging climb in itself.

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A night at the shelter will set you back just €10, but those views are worth a million. With a little help of Google Translate, you can check out more information here.

(All images: Bivacco Gervasutti)

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