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The Film Festival Dedicated Entirely To Cats Is Returning To Sydney

The Film Festival Dedicated Entirely To Cats Is Returning To Sydney

Furr real, stop that pro-cat-stination because the most paw-sitively meow-nificent thing has just happened – Sydney are hosting the second annual International Cat Film Festival next month.


The “Furstival” is taking place on Sunday October 4 at Glebe Foreshore’s Bicentennial Park in Sydney, bringing cat lovers together to celebrate our furry feline friends.

The day’s festivities will include open-air screenings of the very best that Youtube cat videos have to offer, which means definite appearances from all your fave Internet kitties including Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Lil Bub and more.


There’s even a bunch of cat-ivities for humans throughout the day including the Kitten Cuddle Cube, the Cat’s Meow Club and even the Cattoo Parlour where you can get a not-so-permanent tattoo of your cat. There will also be a bunch of food trucks to keep you energised so you can cuddle those kitties fur-ever.


They really missed an opportunity here not to hold this on a Caturday, but whatever. The International Cat Festival is brought to you by the fine folks at the RSPCA NSW and ties in with World Animal Day.

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Tickets are available here, and be sure to book meow, as these will surely scurry off quickly.

OK, we’re out of cat puns now.

(Images: RSPCA NSW)

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