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The Artist Behind Chicago’s ‘The Bean’ Has Brought A New Installation To NYC

The Artist Behind Chicago’s ‘The Bean’ Has Brought A New Installation To NYC

Anish Kapoor’s famous installation in Chicago Cloud Gate, known more widely as The Bean, is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Now, he’s organised a must-see installation in another great US city and dare we say, it might be cooler than The Bean.

Kapoor’s new sculpture has made New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park it’s temporary home. Titled Descension, the work is a continuously swirling black hole of water that appears to suck right into the ground. The pool itself is a huge seven metres deep, so it truly creates the illusion that it’s swirling into infinity.


Looks pretty hypnotic, huh?

The piece was originally showcased at an exhibition in India, before being displayed at Versailles in France. Now, the Public Art Fund of New York has brought the installation to Brooklyn for a four-month stint over the summer.


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For those who can’t make it to New York,  you can watch the mesmerising sculpture in action here. For those who can, make sure you check it out at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier One.

More information on Anish Kapoor’s Descension here.

(All images: Public Art Fund/James Ewing)

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