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The “Airbnb Of Local Dining” Is Your New Favourite Travel App

The “Airbnb Of Local Dining” Is Your New Favourite Travel App

Have you ever gone overseas and realised that no matter how many TripAdvisor reviews and Michelin Stars a restaurant has, you’re still not getting an authentic local experience?

There’s something magical about finding a truly traditional meal while travelling. Should you be lucky enough to find a home-cooked meal, especially one that comes with a warm smile and the kind of story you’d never usually hear as a tourist, your trip may have just elevated from “good” to “great”.

Photo: VizEat
An authentic cantina experience with host Alex in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: VizEat Facebook

Welcome to VizEat (like ‘visit’ – get it?), dubbed the “Airbnb of local dining”. Like Airbnb, the app pairs travellers with local residents. Where Airbnb is used for accomodation, VizEat is used to find a real, home-cooked meal in a real, local home. Visitors book with “hosts”, who invite guests into their home for a meal and some undoubtedly interesting conversation. Like Airbnb, each host is able to pick their preferences, from number of guests to dietary requirements and languages spoken.

The app has been around since 2014, but received a huge endorsement earlier this year when Apple CEO Tim Cook sampled it himself on a trip to Paris.

Though the app originally only booked home-cooked meals, it’s now branched out, offering other food experiences like trips to food markets and cooking classes.

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Photo: VizEat
Konrad, a London host, serving home cooked Japanese. Photo: VizEat Facebook

More than 20,000 hosts are currently signed up to the app, which operates in 110 countries including Australia. More than just the price (it’s usually highly affordable), the app allows a traveller to experience authentic hospitality, while visiting a local’s home and getting a ‘taste’ of local living; even the world’s most famous restaurant can’t offer an experience so special.

(All images: VizEat)

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