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The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots In Sydney

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots In Sydney


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Being Australia’s most picturesque city (sorry Melbourne!) can sometimes have its drawbacks. Like having a ridiculous amount of options when it comes to racking up those social media ‘likes’. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are givens, but here are 10 other #instagood spots around the city for locals and tourists alike. You’ll thank us later.

#1 Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is like the Sunset Boulevard of Sydney – it’s regularly frequented by the who’s who of the city. Aside from people watching, it is an action packed destination with surfing, swimming, walking, running and eating only the tip of the iceberg. While on the subject of icebergs, the sea-pool below Icebergs restaurant is the perfect place to take some amazing photos of the sweeping bay.


If landscape photography isn’t your thing and you feel weird taking pictures of scantily clad beach-goers, head upstairs to the restaurant. It’s a #foodpornographer’s wet dream.

#2 The Grounds of Alexandria

Speaking of food, there’s a reason why this hip hangout was named one of the most Instagrammed spots in Australia (by none other than Instagram) in 2014. Snapping one of their farm-to-fork specialties – from their signature avo on toast to their breakfast boards – has become a rite of passage in the few short years since this institution opened in an old warehouse in Sydney’s inner-west.


But it’s not just the food that makes the Grounds of Alexandria such a hit with photographers and foodies alike. Outside you’ll find a stunning permaculture garden, with native flowers and carts of produce, and even a small animal farm that’s home to their resident pig Kevin Bacon. True story.

#3 Taronga Zoo

Have you ever seen an Eastern Bongo calf? Of course you haven’t – they are only one of the rarest antelopes in the world! Well, your luck is about to change. Taronga has recently welcomed a bongo calf to its herd. Aside from adorable babies (a clutch of veiled chameleons have hatched recently too), the zoo has a host of other animals and events for you to see.


There is the free-flight bird show, the seal show and dozens of keeper talks. A particular favourite are the lemurs – they’re no King Julian, but they’ll still work it for the camera. Not only are there critters of all shapes and sizes to get snap-happy with – the sloping hillside the zoo occupies provides a magnificent view of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline beyond.

#4 Museum of Contemporary Art

Some people are outdoor types, and some people are indoor types. If you’re of the indoor variety, and appreciate culture and colour, this is the place for you. As you meander down the halls absorbing the intricate, quizzical works, you will see no two rooms are the same. This museum is a magical place, chock-full of inspiration. For the outdoor types among you, photo ops abound on the exterior too. The building went through a transformation in 2012. Some say it now looks like a botched facelift – Quasimodo meets Margaret Thatcher. Others think it’s progressive and contemporary. That’s art really – in the eye of the beholder.

#5 Barrenjoey Lighthouse


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Punctuating the coastal skyline like a giant meerkat keeping watch, Barrenjoey Lighthouse is very photogenic. It sits on the Barrenjoey Headland, the northernmost point of Sydney. The one kilometre stroll uphill is well worth it considering the uninterrupted 360 degree views on show. Between June and November the headland also becomes the perfect vantage point for whale watching (BYO binoculars).

#6 North Sydney Pool

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate pool party, because this location is a double whammy. Not only is North Sydney pool a glorious aquatic playground, but it is plonked smack-bang under the Harbour Bridge. That’s your background and midground covered – all you need to do is jump in front of your camera and you’ve got yourself an equally balanced and eye tingling shot.


#7 Royal National Park

Sydney is great, but when you’ve had enough of the traffic and the people and the noise, a quiet walk in the bush comes as welcome respite. The Royal National Park sits just south of Cronulla in southern Sydney. There are many walks to choose from ranging from short ambles to full-day hikes. Not only does the park offer the opportunity to capture some of Sydney’s most pristine bush, but there is the potential for action shots too.


Wattamolla lagoon is a popular swimming spot; some even take to jumping off the cliff-top into the water below (though against National Parks regulations).

#8 Carriageworks

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If you’re wanting to capture something with that ‘gritty’ urban feel look no further than Carriageworks in the inner-city suburb of Eveleigh. This old railway carriage and blacksmiths workshop have been transformed by the NSW Government into a contemporary arts hub, with many of its original features thankfully retained. Who knew iron pylons and exposed beams could be so beautiful?

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#9 Manly Ferry


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All aboard me hearties – the Manly ferry be setting sail! Some lucky sods call this trip their daily “commute”. It’s laughable really, that such a wondrous harbour cruise could bookend some peoples’ workday. It’s usually not so hard to tell the tourists from the pained commuters – that is until a port-side dolphin sighting is announced over the PA system. This gorgeous route snakes its way from Circular Quay in the Sydney CBD out along Port Jackson, across the Sydney Heads and into safe harbour at Manly Cove. A bonus is the return journey, which means you can catch anything you missed on the way over.

#10 Bare Island


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First things first, your experience likely won’t be as explosive as Tom Cruise’s during Mission Impossible II. After all, he rode across the bridge on a speeding motorbike with a fireball singeing the hair on the back of his head. But, all things considered, Bare Island (which is actually an islet) is a wonderful place to suck in a sea breeze and stretch your legs. The island is home to some heritage-listed wartime fortifications that make for great exploration. The island is also a popular scuba diving location – if you are that way inclined, you are bound to take home some excellent aquatic shots.

(Lead image: Simon Rae on Unsplash)

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