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Sydney’s Sweetfest Is The Ultimate Dessert Festival

Sydney’s Sweetfest Is The Ultimate Dessert Festival

Sweet teeth, rejoice! The tasty Sweetfest is debuting this year to delight all sugar heads by showcasing the best of the best dessert in Sydney.

(Photo: Katherine Sabbath/Instagram)

You can take part in masterclasses from cake genius Katherine Sabbath, master baker Dan Lepard, dessert king Alistair Wise and heaps more. You can learn the art of soft serve desserts, Thai sweets, super choux pastry and how to perfect the very best chocolate cake.

Attendees will also be a master of sugar highs by the sounds of it, with tasty treats from the likes of Brickfields, Flour & Stone, Chat Thai, Sweetness the Patisserie, Kakawa, Lorraine’s Patisserie, and loads more on display.

Tickets are $20 and include a glass of Redbank Emily Brut Cuvee on your arrival at the gallery. Taking place over two days at aMBUSH Gallery on October 17 and 18, Sweetfest is a part of Sydney Good Food Month 2015 which sees a smorgasbord of incredible feasting options take place in the city.

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For more info on how you can indulge your sweet tooth at Sweetfest, click here.

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