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Give Your Iso Dinners A Glow-Up With This Same-Day Oyster Delivery Service

Give Your Iso Dinners A Glow-Up With This Same-Day Oyster Delivery Service

By now we’re surely all aware that just about every local joint is doing us all a HUGE favour and making their meals available for take-away and delivery. Not to mention all the bars saving your Friday-arvo drinks by doing the same thing. What we haven’t got yet though, is someone willing to deliver us fresh Sydney oysters.

Or at least, we didn’t. East 33 has answered the call and are here to fancy-up your isolation with nature’s aphrodisiac – the oyster.


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From today and for a limited time, Sydneysiders will be able to order top-notch Sydney Rock Oysters at farm price. It’s an honour usually reserved for Australia’s top restaurants, so it’s worth taking advantage.

Each pack will contain two-dozen restaurant grade oysters, and you can choose whether they arrive shucked or unshucked. You have two options, either The Immunity Booster Pack and The Tasting Pack — both show off oysters from farms across the New South Wales coast.

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Look I’m just saying, a few oysters could really top off that romantic video chat or isolation date. Or even just be a good way to celebrate a special occasion like your birthday.

Heck, who even needs a reason. This is lockdown baby, anything goes.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @east33sydney)

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