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Sydney Is Getting A Bacon Festival

Sydney Is Getting A Bacon Festival

In the wake of Melbourne getting both a barbecue festival and a chocolate festival, Sydney is stepping up to the plate. And the plate is full of bacon. Rejoice.

(Photo: Didriks/Flickr)

Newtown cafe Cuckoo Callay is launching their inaugural Bacon Festival on February 9. Pig products will take over the cafe’s menu, with bacon burgers, bacon Bloody Marys, bacon waffles, bacon ice cream, chocolate covered bacon rashers and even bacon milkshakes on offer.

(Photo: Baconsnake/Flickr)

The crown jewel of the menu will be the Ultimate Bacon Breakfast, which include five different kinds of pork on one plate.

All of the pork will be sourced from the artisan Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville. The full menu will be available on the cafe’s website in early February. Ba-con appétit.

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Bacon fans of Australia, assemble. Check out Qantas flights to Sydney here.

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