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Grown-Up Swings Have Popped Up Around San Francisco

Grown-Up Swings Have Popped Up Around San Francisco


Who else misses when times were simpler? When your biggest dilemma was whether to drink your popper at recess or save it for lunch instead?

Prepare to embrace the nostalgia, because a secret group dubbed SwingBombSF have let loose in San Francisco, installing a bunch of wooden-seated rope swings around the city for passers-by to enjoy.

“We wanted to do something that would bring an element of play, surprise and joy to people,” a representative from SwingBombSF told Lonely Planet. “Something that anyone could enjoy. Something that would bring people together in a fun way.”

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And it’s working – people are in love. The group’s Instagram feed has been flooded with positive comments from those who have stumbled upon the rope swings. Some are positioned to overlook incredible scenic views, while others are found right in San Fran’s CBD.

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“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” the SwingBombSF representative continued. “People have shared that they have gone out on #SwingbBombSF hunts with friends, met strangers, reconnected with their love of the city…somebody even traveled over 300 miles to enjoy [it].”

If you’re wandering through San Fran and happen to stumble across one, don’t forget to take a snap of your swing and tag #SwingBombSF.

(Lead image: SwingBombSF / Instagram)

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