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Test Your Spy Skills At A New NYC Museum Dedicated To Espionage

Test Your Spy Skills At A New NYC Museum Dedicated To Espionage

Reckon you can spot a liar, or spin a story without batting an eyelid? Can you watch without being seen? If you consider yourself a bit of a sleuth and are keen to test your skills, listen up: The world’s largest interactive spy museum is set to open in New York City this December.

Spyscape will see visitors challenge their snooping skills at a state-of-the-art facility featuring world-class architecture, artefacts, technology and experiences.

Image: Spyscape

The museum is devoted to the art of espionage in all of its forms, including code-breaking and investigative journalism, with seven galleries examining branches of investigation like hacking, intelligence operations and deception. There’s an interrogation booth testing emotional intelligence, code-breaking activities to test your ability to work under pressure, and even agility skills like dodging lasers.

Image: Spyscape

Visitors to the museum will hear from real-life spies, including the Enigma code-breakers from WWII and a teen who hacked the CIA’s website. Spyscape’s goal is to present the history of espionage as neutrally as possible, encouraging visitors to question the facts and come to their own conclusions.

Spyscape opens in Midtown Manhattan in December and tickets start from $50 ($39USD).

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How To Get There

  • Fly into Newark Liberty International Airport
  • Take the Newark Airport Express to Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues)
  • Walk 550 m
  • Spyscape, 8th Avenue, New York
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(Lead Image: Warner Bros.)

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