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Japan Is Building An Elevator To Space And It Could Be Ready By 2050

Japan Is Building An Elevator To Space And It Could Be Ready By 2050

Japan is one of the most high-tech countries in the world – facts are facts. Research scientists of Japan have made enormous contributions in various fields like electronics, machinery, optics and robotics. But the country’s latest project may just be its most ambitious yet.

Japan is attempting to build an elevator to outer space, because, why not?


We kid you not. Later this month, researchers at Shizuoka University will begin testing for a “space elevator”, which would be used to connect earth and a space station by cable, to transport people and cargo back and forth.


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As you’d expect, the design has its complications. Allegedly there is no cable in existence that is strong enough to withstand the forces of gravity and the harsh winds of the upper atmosphere. Plus, due to a lack of testing, nobody really knows how cable movement would work in zero-gravity conditions.

Though tests are yet to be conducted, the Shizuoka University team are confident in their design, and its chances of turning the concept of space travel on its head.

Godspeed Japan. Godspeed.

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