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This Map Of The USA Is Made Entirely Of Song Titles

This Map Of The USA Is Made Entirely Of Song Titles

The United States of America: it’s the country after which thousands of songs have been named. So much so, that there’s a song named after all 50 of the US states. It’s for this reason that Dorothy, a UK-based design studio, was able to create a map of the USA made entirely of the songs associated with cities, mountains, rivers and highways and other landmarks.


With more than 1000 cities included on the vintage-style map, some of the inclusions are quite obvious. Think ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd, ‘Beverly Hills’ by Weezer,  ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’ by The Beastie Boys and ‘California Dreamin” by The Mamas & The Papas. Meanwhile, some are a little more obscure.

“There are specific reasons for the placement of every song on the map… some of our favourite song choices are the ones which require a little extra thought about a possible connection,” Dorothy told My Modern Met.

To help navigate the map, the creators have included a handy A-to-Z list of all the artists behind each song. And if you want to really take your musical journey to the next level, there’s even a 61-hour Spotify playlist. Perfect for USA road trips.

This isn’t the first Dorothy have created a fascinating musical map – they also have a world map comprised of song titles, as well as book, movie and game maps of locations around the globe.

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You can buy the USA songs map here.

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(All images: Dorothy)

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