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Someone Invented A Wearable Doona Suit

Someone Invented A Wearable Doona Suit

It’s certainly hard to know what to wear for a long haul flight around the world; how can you maximise your comfort without stripping down into your long-johns and fluffy slippers? Rest easy, we’ve found the perfect alternative to 14 hours in tight fitted jeans.

Enter the Lazypatch Duvet Suit. Essentially a doona made into a pant and jacket combo, you’ll be the talk of baggage claim with this stylish and snuggly cotton suit.

The Lazypatch duvet suit aims to replicate warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re snuggling up under your cotton duvet, but with the added benefit of being able to walk around in style. Pick from an array of colours including camouflage, leopard and cow print.


Pretend you’re in the Olympic team and rep the Aussie Duvet Suit:


Or head out in style with the Tuxedo Suit:


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There’s also the Pouch Suit with offers the added benefit of being a sleeping bag and a comfortable walking suit. The “all seasons mobile bed” features side leg zips for extra air flow, built in mittens for your hands, and canvas feet shoes that allow you to exit your campsite to show off to your fellow campers.


Available via Lazypatch, prices range from $59AUD for a child’s suit, to $129 for adults. In addition, a percentage of profits from Lazypatch go to the Simon Rhoden foundation to aid sufferers of Cystic Fibrosis.

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