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For A Limited Time You Can Order Snoop Dogg’s Best Recipes To Your Door

For A Limited Time You Can Order Snoop Dogg’s Best Recipes To Your Door

It’s a fact universally acknowledged, that Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents: spitting rhymes, rolling giant doobies, and creating meals that are the perfect comfort food.

Weirdly, according to Menulog’s stats, only 5 percent of Australian’s are aware of that last fact. Hello, guys, where were you when he released his own cookbook, From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen. PERFECT title, if you ask me. Also when he started a cooking show with Martha Stewart. Name a more iconic pairing, I’ll wait.

So what’s the new deal?

If you haven’t already been cooking up a storm of American-diner inspired dishes from the cookbook, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can skip the hard work and just get Snoop Dogg’s finest delivered right to you (or you can pick it up).

No, this is not a drill.

Image: Provided / Mack and Cheese

From Friday Jun 19 to Friday July 3, Menulog will be exclusively featuring Dogg’s Diner, delivering you a range of the most popular recipes in the his book via select restaurants around Australia. “Which ones” I hear you asking? I’ve got you:

Image: Provided / OG Chicken and Waffles

What’s the food like?

Basically, take your favourite American-style comfort food, and add a little Snoop Dogg flare to it. Things like OG Chicken and Waffles, sweet and salty Billionaire’s Bacon and Snoop’s take on the classic shake n’ bake chicken wings with potato chips. There are nine dishes in total to choose from.

Why is this happening?

I mean, never question a good thing, but basically Snoop Dogg rewrote the Menulog jingle for them, and now they’re launching it with his food. Please enjoy:

“There was no better way to mark our partnership with Snoop Dogg than giving our customers across the country the chance to enjoy some of the Dogg’s best dishes, delivered to their door,” said Menulog Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Cheng, in a statement.

(Lead Image: Provided / Menulog)

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