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‘Star Wars’ Is No Longer In A Galaxy Far, Far Away — It’s Actually In Ireland

‘Star Wars’ Is No Longer In A Galaxy Far, Far Away — It’s Actually In Ireland

This week, the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped and, as expected, the fandom exploded.

This kind of hype is nothing new for the Star Wars franchise, with the 2015 smash hit, Star Wars: The Force Awakens being the third-highest-grossing film in history.


But fanatics looking to turn their fantasy into reality should put Ireland’s Skellig Michael — where Rey and Luke’s first meeting was filmed — firmly at the top of their bucket list.

The isle’s rough and rugged terrain boasts truly magical scenery fit for the big-screen. The land offers eco and landing tours, permitting visitors to explore the wild USESCO World Heritage-listed terrain for themselves.

Because of boat permits restricting the number of visitors allowed on the historic site, only 180 tourists will be permitted in the area at one time. If you’re lucky enough to nab a spot, the journey takes just 45 minutes via boat from one of the surrounding coastal towns.

Once on the island, visitors have an approximate three-hour window to explore, with loads on offer for every kind of adventurer. The island reaches heights of almost 220m above sea-level, making it the perfect terrain for rigorous hiking trails.

If hiking isn’t your kind of thing, the lands are rich in wildlife, including puffins, kittiwakes, fulmars, and even maybe some Wookiees.


The island is open for exploration from mid-May to early October 2018. Due to the limited spots, it’s be best to book ahead.

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