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Seinfeld’s Apartment Is Coming To LA Just In Time For Festivus

Seinfeld’s Apartment Is Coming To LA Just In Time For Festivus

It’s time to celebrate your favourite all-inclusive December gathering – Festivus! While the December 23 holiday is fast approaching, the brainiacs behind Hulu have decided us Seinfeld fans need to celebrate the right way – with a pop-up replica of Jerry’s apartment, of course.


Seinfeld: The Apartment is descending on West Hollywood this month with a fully reconstructed replica of Jerry’s iconic Upper West Side apartment. Following a successful turn in New York City earlier in the year, the streaming service have decided to bring the installation to Los Angeles just in time for the holidays.

elaine dancing

This reconstruction will feature dozens of props from the legendary show – including the gang’s iconic booth from Tom’s Diner – as well as a few festive treats to celebrate the (fictitious) non-commercial holiday of Festivus. Word is Frank Constanza’s aluminium pole will be set up, but no word on whether practices like the ‘Airing of Grievances’ or ‘Feats of Strength’ will occur.


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You’ll be able to live out all your favourite Seinfeld fantasies, including taking a festive shot on a chase lounge a la George in ‘The Package’, and having a go at bursting through Jerry’s door Kramer-style.

The pop-up apartment will be open to the public December 16 – 20 at 8445 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Don’t forget your puffy shirt!

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