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A ‘Saw’-Themed Escape Room Has Opened In Las Vegas

A ‘Saw’-Themed Escape Room Has Opened In Las Vegas

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Escape room experiences are usually equally testing and thrilling, but if it’s scare-you-to-your-core horror you’re looking for, Las Vegas’ new Saw escape room, themed after the terrifying movies, has you covered.


The recently opened Official Saw Escape Room  is a fully immersive multi-room experience, themed after the infamously terrifying Saw movie franchise, bringing to life the truly twisted games featured in the films.

On arrival, guests are given an after-hours tour of the historic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant, only to find out they’re actually players in an elaborate game devised by Jigsaw and his henchmen.

Working together, you and your team will venture far from your comfort zone in order to solve intricate puzzles and ultimately win your freedom. Maybe you’ll combat a few fears in the process, too.

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It’s important to note that while the Saw Escape Room is designed to be an intense escape experience, it’s only a simulation. Safety is a priority and the intent is not to cause any physical harm to any players.


Spots are limited, so if you want to test your survival skills, you’ll want to get in quick. Rates start at US$50 (AU$70) per person and can be booked online.

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How to get to the Saw Escape Room

  • Fly into McCarran International Airport
  • Take the 108 towards 108 Swenson Paradise Northbound to Paradise @ St Louis
  • Walk 1.1km
  • SAW Escape Room, 2121 Industrial Road, Las Vegas

(Lead image: Lionsgate) 

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