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This Guy Quit His Job To Travel Around Australia With His Cat

This Guy Quit His Job To Travel Around Australia With His Cat

Van Cat Meow

Regular cats may be independent, but they’re not always considered well-travelled. Willow isn’t a regular cat.


The cute rescue kitty has travelled more than 50,000kms around Australia with her human, Rich East. Blogging on Bored Panda, East explains that he quit his job and sold his house, car, and all his possessions to fulfil his dream of touring the country in a van, but he couldn’t bear to give Willow up, so he brought her along for the ride.

Originally from Hobart in Tasmania, the pair have visited all of Australia‘s states and territories.


“In February, 2017, we finally made it to South Australia…This is what is known is Aussie adventure cat slang as a Purrfect Eight,” he wrote. We didn’t know that Aussie adventure cat slang existed until just now, but we’re pretty glad it does.

Together, the intrepid pair have travelled thousands of kilometres, visiting iconic Aussie landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef along the way.

“Some people think it’s odd that I’m travelling with a cat, but Willow is so chilled out and absolutely loves our new lifestyle,” East explained. Willow wears a tracking collar, so there’s no risk of her getting lost if she ventures too far away from camp.


“It’s been so much fun sharing our adventures with the world. It makes me so happy when someone messages me and says that they saw our photos and it brightened their day,” East says.

While the pair are now enjoying some time back in their hometown, East says they’re preparing to take off on another adventure soon.

“She’s the best travel buddy ever!” Aww.

(Lead image: @vancatmeow / Instagram)

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