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Why You Should Look Outside The City For Your Next Getaway

Why You Should Look Outside The City For Your Next Getaway

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Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: all places that might spring to mind when considering a getaway here in Australia. But why shoot for the big smoke when there are so many spots outside of the city just waiting to be discovered? Regional Australia – from Longreach, Qld, to Bright, Vic, and Broome, WA, to Launceston, Tas – has so much to see and do you could travel for years only seeing the countryside.


As a kid who grew up in the country, a lot of my childhood was spent counting down the days till I could finally bounce. But then I left, and the things I once considered annoyances became the stuff I really missed, and I realised that I’d pretty much taken my entire situation for granted. It took leaving to truly appreciate how good it is to go back for a visit. And here’s why you should, too.

#1 A good night’s sleep

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How’s the serenity? For reals though, the hustle and bustle of city life is enough to keep anyone up at night. Then you bring 6am garbage trucks, the morning bus route and city traffic into the equation and then your sleeping pattern is fully out of whack.

If there’s one thing I can vouch for while in the country it’s a bloody good night’s sleep. Besides the odd possum you’ll be treated to almost a deafening silence. Hook it into my veins.

#2 The stargazing is best in regional Australia

If you’ve not left the city lights in some time and think you know what a starry night looks like, damn, you’re in for a real treat. Unfortunately – due to light and air pollution – cities just get a second-rate version of the night sky which honestly pales in comparison.


For the very best stargazing experience, book a spot, borrow a swag and camp out under the stars next to a fire in regional Australia. I’m telling you, you can’t beat it.

#3 You’ll save on accomodation

Hey, camping isn’t for everyone and that’s completely and totally OK. Luckily for you, accomodation in the country is generally cheaper, and there’s more variety than you might think.

If it’s more of a low-key and homey vibe you’re feeling, hit up Airbnb and suss out some hidden gems to snag for the weekend. If you’re feeling a little fancy, have a scout around – you’ll be surprised at the number of boutique B&Bs exist on scenic country farmland.

#4 The country charm

Maybe it’s just me, but I reckon there’s a little bit of magic in the country air of regional Australia. People smile at you in the street, when you’re asked how your day has been you’re convinced the person asking is genuinely interested and in a car you won’t get beeped at if the light turns green and you don’t move within three seconds because guess what? There’s a big chance there will be no traffic lights.


It’s true though, everyone is just a little friendlier. Even if you’re hanging solo, head down to the local pub, order a schooner of New and you’ll for sure make a new pal. Even if it’s the local who will almost certainly chew your ear off about a sports team you’ve never heard of, hey, at least you’ve made a friend!

#5 The greatest meat pies in Australia

So all of these other reasons to escape to regional Australia for a cheeky getaway are all well and good, but if like me, you’re very easily persuaded by delicious baked goods, hear me out, my people.

The greatest meat pies, sausage rolls, caramel slices, apple turnovers – basically any baked good – comes straight out of rural Australia. Don’t believe me? You’ve obviously never had a potato pie with tomato sauce at the Coona Bakery in Coonabarabran, NSW, have you? Didn’t think so.


A premium baked good from a country bakery is more than enough reason to take a trip.

On that note, what are you waiting for? Seriously. Get out there and visit a new place you’ve never seen before, you won’t regret it.

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