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Raise A Glass: A Prosecco Festival Is Coming To London

Raise A Glass: A Prosecco Festival Is Coming To London

Everyone who’s tasted Prosecco knows it’s a gateway to the Italian way of life. One sip and you’re whisked away to a life filled with Tuscan sunsets, Mediterranean coastlines and plate upon plate of pasta. So what better way to celebrate this glorious Italian sparkling wine than create an entire festival devoted to it? Yes, that’s exactly what’s happened.

London will soon host Prosecco Springs, a three-day celebration of this famed Italian vino.


Taking place in East London’s Oval Space, Prosecco Springs will feature tastings, masterclasses, Italian food and live music. Some of Italy’s leading Prosecco producers will come together under one roof to educate a new generation of Prosecco drinkers and indulge their insatiable thirst for this sparkling wine. Thankfully, your festival ticket will include a glass of Prosecco of your choice from each of the eight producers – yessssss.


And let’s not forget the food – punters will be able to explore a range of Italian food dishes, from Venetian cicchetti to antipasti, charcuterie and cheese platters. There’ll be pasta e fagiolo, lumache, baccalà mantecato, polpettine and even a special dish of Prosecco risotto. If there was ever a time to embrace your inner Italian and mangiare all the things… this is it.

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Prosecco Springs takes place from Friday May 12 to Sunday May 14 in London.

(Lead image: Prosecco Springs)

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