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This French Theme Park Has Trained Birds To Clean Up Rubbish

This French Theme Park Has Trained Birds To Clean Up Rubbish

Birds make it very hard to love them. Some swoop us, others (bin chickens) look like monsters straight out of a sci-fi flick, and have you ever Google searched what a baby pelican looks like? Disgusting.

But some birds in France are restoring our faith in the species, one piece of garbage at a time.


One of France’s largest theme parks, has enlisted the help of six specially trained rooks to help clean up rubbish. Puy du Fou is a historical theme park in the west of France, and is second in popularity in the country only to Disneyland Paris. Visitors can see musketeers, vikings, soldiers, knights of the round table, bird shows, intricate fountains and many more history-themed attractions here.

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Rooks come from the same family of birds as crows and ravens, and are known for their super intellectual abilities, making them perfect for the job. They’ve been trained by the park’s falconer, Christophe Gaborit, to be able to collect pieces of waste in return for food.

Puy du Fou

The birds deposit rubbish into a small box, and are rewarded with a piece of food each time they successful do so. They’re bloody good at it too, and work super-fast, picking up enough trash to fill an entire bucket in less than 45 minutes.

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So if you’re walking through Puy du Fou thinking, damn, this place is tidy! Be sure to curtsey to the nearest bird.

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