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Room Service At This Hotel Includes Cuddly Puppies And Prosecco

Room Service At This Hotel Includes Cuddly Puppies And Prosecco

Puppies And Prosecco Will Arrive At Your Room At Kimpton Hotel Monaco

Personally, I never order room service when I stay at hotels because of the crushing weight of being, how do you say, poor as hell. But I would abso-freaking-lutely order room service at this hotel where puppies and prosecco are up for grabs.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco in DenverColorado is rolling out a Puppies and Prosecco Package just in time for National Dog Day. From August 23 to 26, hotel guests can book their very own private puppy party in their room.


In a truly magical moment, up to 10 very god boys and girls will arrive at your door for an hour of playtime. They’ll be accompanied by an expert who’ll be there to make sure the puppies are safe, and to share their wonderful puppy knowledge with you.


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They’ll arrive bearing gifts (but y’all know the puppies are the real gift) so you can sip Prosecco and nibble on Italian cicchettis while you play.

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The puppies are from Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a local no-kill rescue organisation, and half the proceeds from the Puppies and Prosecco Package will go to the organisation. That means that, yes, all of the puppies are up for adoption. So if you’re prone to a good tipsy purchase, maybe go easy on the Prosecco.


To book your own total puppy pile-on, you’ll have to book into one of the hotel’s Luxury Suites. Then just tell the front desk when you’d like the VIP guests to arrive and appreciate the fact that your life is about to peak.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco isn’t the only place adding a puppy flourish to its accommodation options. A hotel in Bali offers puppy therapy, and the Hotel Nikko San Francisco has a dog who provides guests with boops and bleps upon request. Colorado seems to be leading the charge though, with the St. Regis Aspen employing a resident hotel dog.

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