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Potato Chip Rock Is Worth The Three Hour Return Hike

Potato Chip Rock Is Worth The Three Hour Return Hike

Get ready to change your stale Eiffel Towel profile picture, delete that ubiquitous Machu Picchu selfie and hide your been-there-done-that Times Square jumping shot – this is the newest cool selfie you’re going to want to take on your next trip to the US.

Say hello to Potato Chip Rock.

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Potato Chip Rock is located at the peak of Mount Woodson, a hiker’s dream in the town of Poway, 30 minutes from San Diego, California.

And no guesses here why it’s called what it is: the thinly shaped rock bears a striking resemblance to a potato chip, proving once and for all that thinly cut chips are better than crinkle cut (it’s the truth, don’t @ me). 

Reaching this enviable view point does however take a bit of effort. The hike to the top is about a 12 kilometre round trip, and it’s recommended you start early in the day to avoid the worst of Poway’s hot desert sun. On a clear day you’ll be able to see right across to the Pacific Ocean and Palomar Mountain to the east.

Standing out over that edge is not for the faint of heart. The rock may one day break, so this might not be the right time to practice your jump squats. In any case, err on the side of caution when stepping out. 

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Despite the difficulty, the hike is still very popular so expect to wait for your crack at that enviable photo opp. 

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Topping off the hike with a celebratory bag of potato chips is – of course – a given.

(Lead image: Dewmike/Flickr)

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