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This Interactive Map Shows All The Pasta Dishes You Can Eat Around Italy

This Interactive Map Shows All The Pasta Dishes You Can Eat Around Italy

Pasta. What a debt we owe to those who invented this incredible, adaptable dish! Whether it be a red tomato sauce, lashings of olive oil or even – dare we say it – a non-traditional cheese-and-bacon creation, we owe a lot to the Italian home of pasta.


Helpfully, users on Reddit have surfaced a map of many of the different pasta types that can be found across Italy.

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There’s no disputing that Italy is the best place to indulge in a carby serve of pasta. But did you know that every region has its own take on the dish? The many different shapes of pasta, types of pasta sauce, and accompaniments vary from region to region. We reckon there’s no better excuse to visit every area of the country than simply sampling the pasta dishes you find there.


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You can see on the Italian pasta map, for example, in the southern island region of Sicily, pasta is often made with seafood ingredients, with pasta chi sardi mixing in sardines and anchovies, and pasta al nero di Seppia including squid ink to create a black pasta. By comparison, northern regions have meatier dishes such as lasagne alla Bolognese tagliatelle al ragù from Bologna and spätzle – a variety shared with nearby Germany and Austria.


The pasta map is drawn from the larger interactive Taste Atlas map. Taste Atlas maps a variety of foods and their origins across the world – like this cheese map we’ve drooled over before. Check out the map of Italy’s pastas and other foods to create your dream pasta itinerary, or explore the wider map to discover Australia’s fine culinary contributions (fairy bread anyone?) and plan where else in the world your stomach can take you.

(Lead image: Taste Atlas via Reddit, u/Sticcia)

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