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Paradise Valley Is Just As Magical As It Sounds

Paradise Valley Is Just As Magical As It Sounds

If Morocco isn’t on your travel bucket list for 2016, it might need a refresh. A country brimming with lavish cities, vast desert and food that’ll delight your senses, Morocco even has some hidden delights even that locals don’t know about.

Case in point: Paradise Valley.

Photo: hedvigs/Flickr

Paradise Valley is a beautiful palm-lined gorge carved in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. 20 kilometres from the city of Aourir, there’s a cruisey walking trail that takes you through the deep gorge, snaking around the river at its base.


The valley is known for its abundance of rock pools, small waterfalls and tall cliffs. Brave punters can climb the sandstone walls and attempt to cliff-dive into the turquoise pools below.

Photo: Youtube

Visit in summer, when it’s peak tourist season, the water is warm and crowds often form along the rocks, cheering on brave jumpers.

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If cliff-jumping isn’t really your jam, the smaller pools are perfect for a quick dip. Bring a towel, a book and sit by the water for a pretty memorable afternoon.

(Lead image: Heather Cowper/Flickr)

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