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This Kayak Folds Up Into A Backpack You Can Travel With

This Kayak Folds Up Into A Backpack You Can Travel With


While jet-setting, do you often catch yourself thinking, “damn, I really wish I had my kayak with me?” It’s a hardship we’ve all faced at least once in our life, but no longer! Introducing Pakayak – a totally compact and travel-friendly kayak you can pack up and take with you on your next overseas trip.

It can be fully assembled in under five minutes.


Pakayak is one of the few kayaks in the market that can be assembled from smaller, transportable parts. The sleek and simple design allows travellers to disassemble and pack a 4.5m long kayak into a 1m tall backpack or rolling suitcase.


Want to get your hands on what we’re calling the world’s most versatile suitcase? Well, the Pakayak is available in four colours: green, red, orange and yellow, and can be purchased the company’s website, starting at US$1795 (AU$2427) a pop.

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Happy paddling!

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