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Paces’ Top 5 Secret Gold Coast Spots

Paces’ Top 5 Secret Gold Coast Spots

Incredible producer Paces has struck gold lately. As well as producing total bangers for Adelaide native Tkay Maidza, his song ‘Nothing’s Forever‘ featuring Kučka was recently added to triple j rotation. The Gold Coast native let us in on a few secret spots in his hometown, and no, none of them are theme parks.

#1 Currumbin Estuary


There’s a place where Currumbin Creek lets out into the ocean and I swear it is one of the greatest things on this Earth. Or at least on the Gold Coast. It’s a huge estuary that’s very picturesque and sheltered from the wind but – wait for it – IT’S ALSO A DOG PARK. It’s what I imagine dog-heaven must be like. If you go there on a weekend there’s a million dogs running around chasing balls, swimming in the water, and just being the rad little animals they are. On low tide there’s often a sand island that emerges in the middle of the estuary. Sometimes my girlfriend and I swim out there with Chilli (our dog) and it’s like your own private island to play fetch and lay in the shallows.

#2 Ze Pickle

I’ve been on a burger quest for about a year now, meaning that I try to hunt down a gourmet burger in every city I play shows in. I never really thought to look in my own town until I began to hear stories of Ze Pickle. Turns out the hype is real. This place is hectic! It’s got the most amazing menu, they’re dog-friendly, and they have a constantly evolving list of craft beers on tap. In a perfect world I would eat there every week. And the best part for me is that it’s only a short bike ride from my home. If my music career dries up I’m going to ask for a job at Ze Pickle just to be near those sweet, sweet burgers.

#3 Currumbin Rock Pools

(Photo: Luvjnx/Flickr)

This is one of those amazing things that you forget to do because you live there, but when people from out of town arrive they’re always like, “So, what time do we go to the rock pools?” It’s a beautiful freshwater creek in Currumbin Valley with a few swimming holes, a natural rock-slide and a ledge you can jump off into the water. It’s one of the greatest things to do on a hot day because the water is always a bit colder than the ocean. Oh and of course it’s free. *high fives nature*

#4 Barefoot Barista

(Photo: Barefoot Barista/Facebook)

In recent times my home suburb of Palm Beach has gone through some changes. It used to be pretty devoid of things to do but over the last few years that’s all changed – now there’s some really good restaurants, bars, shops and cafes. Barefoot Barista is one of the best – amazing food, nice fit-out, and dog-friendly (obviously very important to me). I can’t tell you what the coffee is like because I don’t drink it, but people have told me it’s on point. If someone is visiting from out of town, this is my go-to spot to take them.

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#5 The public BBQs at Tallebudgera Creek

(Photo: Michael Dawes/Flickr)

There are public BBQs all along the coastline on the Gold Coast. They’re free to use, you just press a button and the electric hotplate fires up. They’re a pretty integral part of growing up on the Coast because there’s always some event on that involves a beach BBQ. Anyway, I just picked the ones at Tallebudgera Creek because they’re really close to my house. It’s the most beautiful spot. I recently had a visit from a London act named Youth who I’d collaborated with. I took them to the Talle Creek BBQs for dinner one night and they were all like, “Is this what life is actually like over here?!” Indeed it is guys, indeed it is.

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