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Opera Australia Wants Your Very Good Doggo In Its New Show

Opera Australia Wants Your Very Good Doggo In Its New Show

What if your very good doggo was actually, you know, a star? Now there’s a way to find out. Opera Australia has put out the call for a show-stopping dog to appear in La Traviata.

The production is set to open on March 27 at Mrs Macquarie’s Point in Sydney, overlooking the Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbour. The season runs until April 26.

Today, Opera Australia posted a Gumtree ad titled ‘Prima Donna Pooches Wanted’. At select performances of La Traviata, one dog will make a brief appearance in an early party scene.

Sorry to all the Great Danes out there, but this is an opportunity for small dogs. Owners of spaniels, French bulldogs, Maltese terriers, poodles and similarly-sized breeds should listen up. (The performance dates in question are 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26 April.)

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“This is a chance to make your opera debut in front of a 3000-strong audience,” the ad reads. Dog applicants must enjoy the spotlight and be OK with loud noises and fireworks, bright lights and groups of humans. They’ll also need to cross a floating walkway and climb steps on stage.

As a successful stage parent, you’ll receive seats for the show. If your four-legged ingénue needs to get home after its walk-on at about 8pm (using Uber Pet, of course), you’ll receive tickets to another performance of La Traviata. For the dog, there’s the incentive of glory and a few doggie treats.

You can read the full Gumtree ad here, and apply using the form on Opera Australia’s website. May the best doggo(s) win.

(Lead Image: Opera Australia) 

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