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New York City’s Tipsy Scoop Is Exactly What You Think It Is And It’s Glorious

New York City’s Tipsy Scoop Is Exactly What You Think It Is And It’s Glorious

Summer in the States is in full swing right now, which means people are piling out onto the streets looking for the perfect scoop of gelato. Well, they needn’t look any further because we’re pretty sure we’ve found it.

Tipsy Scoop is a gelato bar serving cocktail-inspired treats infused with alcohol. And we’re not talking about your grandma’s Christmas pudding, either. The gelato scoops contain as much alcohol as a bottle of light beer. Nothing outrageous, we know, but enough to put that sparkle in our eyes.

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As such, Tipsy Scoop has got all the requirements of a regular drinking hole. ID will be checked on entry — remember, it’s the US, so the legal age is 21 years old — by a pair of burly security guards. Once you’re in, you can go wild.

Flavours vary from dark chocolate salted caramel whisky and maple bacon bourbon to margarita mango. You can even get a tasting plate of flavours served up in little shot glasses. Mmmmm.

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The genius concept was created by a lady called Melissa Tavvs, who is bonafide gelato royalty. Her family has been scooping gelato for so long that they were even the first ones to bring the icy treat to Scotland. Now there’s some credentials. Tavvs originally started selling her Tipsy Scoop ice cream in different stores around the US before deciding to open up the official New York City location.

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This means, if you’re travelling in the American summer but can’t make it to NYC, you can order Tipsy Scoop to be delivered to you anywhere in the US. With summer defined by things like lazy afternoon drinks and delicious scoops of ice cream, we think it’s a genius idea to combine the two.

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