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KitKat Has Come Out With Chrissie Flavours Like Baked Ham, Which Is Either Genius Or Cursed

KitKat Has Come Out With Chrissie Flavours Like Baked Ham, Which Is Either Genius Or Cursed

If you’ve never been there, the KitKat Chocolatory (in Sydney, Melbourne and around the world) is a pretty epic place, full of weird and wonderful flavours that you’d never find on the shelf at Woolies.

The place is a thumbs up from me, but what confuses me, however, are the new limited edition Christmas flavours.

Based on your Chrissie feast, the new flavours are made to mimic your mea on the big day — but dessert style.

There’s the ‘Prosciutto, Melon and Champagne’ flavour, described by KitKat as an appetiser to kick off the feast. It combines the subtle flavours of French champagne, fragrant melon and crispy salty prosciutto, with creamy white chocolate and crisp batch baked wafers. 

Next, there’s the ‘Australian Baked Ham with delectable Orange and Clove Glaze’. Yes, a whole damn ham flavour. Do you see why I’m so confused now?

According to KitKat it tastes like spiced citrus and baked ham wrapped up in milk chocolate and wafers. I just honestly can’t imagine what that would go like IRL.

Still, we continue with ‘Honey Glazed Carrots’ which feature dried carrots and a honey glaze with milk chocolate and wafers.

Then finally, a flavour I can get behind, a ‘Christmas Pudding with Brandy Custard’. As you might expect, it’s milk chocolate, wafers, currants and spiced milk ganache, with a drizzle of brandy custard. 

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Look, I truly don’t get three out of four of these flavours. Then again, they’re all designed by KitKat Chocolatory Head Chocolatier, Connie Yuen. Who I can say that I’ve met once and she’s an absolute delight really knows her stuff so who knows — maybe I’ve judged too soon.

“We love experimenting with unexpected flavours, and this year we wanted to reimagine a traditional Christmas Dinner,” said Connie in a statement. “We’re excited to have turned fantasy into a reality by creating the four-course KitKat Christmas Feast that we are sure will Fill Your Break With Wonder”.

So need for the real ham this year, I guess?

You’ll get a bar of each in a cute little packaged for $25.00, and if you can’t visit a store you can order it online here.

(All Images: Provided / KitKat)

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