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Australia’s Next Big Thing Will Officially Be A Giant Milo Tin

Australia’s Next Big Thing Will Officially Be A Giant Milo Tin

Big Milo Tin

From the Golden Guitar to the Big Merino, Australia has a thing for Big Things. And, finally, we’re getting the monument we’ve been waiting for: A Big Milo Tin.

Yep. The big wigs over at Nestle have confirmed they’re following through on Facebook campaign that saw thousands of Milo-loving Aussies throw their support behind the idea.

“We’ve been blown away by the level of support for the Big Milo Tin,” Nestle Factory Manager Mat Oram said.

(I mean, are you really surprised?)

“What started as a fun idea has quickly grown into something much bigger, and we’re delighted to give something back to Milo fans and celebrate the rich 83-year Australian heritage of the brand.”

The Big Milo Tin will be unveiled in Smithtown on the NSW north coast in 2019 to coincide with the brand’s 85th birthday.


“With the history of Milo deeply rooted in Smithtown, it will be wonderful to share this celebration with the local community and put this great town on the map,” Oram added.

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We’re gonna need a bigger spoon.

(Lead image: Bondi Rescue Lifeguards / Facebook)

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