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Miss The Bachelor? Now You Can Recreate All Of The Dates IRL

Miss The Bachelor? Now You Can Recreate All Of The Dates IRL

So The Bachelor is over and the nation’s number one handsome man Sam has revealed he’s fallen madly in love with final lady Snezana Markoski and Sydney proved to be a pretty fitting backdrop to the romance, drama and schadenfreude that usually occurs when 20 girls battle it out for one man.

Even if you’re not a Bachelor tragic, you’ve got to admit Bachie Sam the producers sure know how to plan a fun date in the Harbour city. Whether its adrenaline pumping group dates or solo romantic dinner-and-couch-combos, Sydney proved to be the all out winner here showcasing some of the best it has to offer for lovelorn couples across the country.

Now Destination NSW have made it totally easy to recreate all of the coolest dates Bachie Sam went on over the course of the show. Here’s our favourite picks from their list of summer loving dates from The Bachelor this season.

#1 A lengthy Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

(Photo: BridgeClimb Sydney)

Pucker up and recreate Sam and Nina’s world record breaking kiss overlooking the stunning Sydney skyline with BridgeClimb. Osher not included.

#2 A claws-out-balls-out game of bubble soccer

(Photo: Tenplay)

Grab your best friends/love rivals and battle it out in a game of bubble soccer at The Football Factory for a day of hilarity. Just don’t go overboard with the goal celebrations like Sandra did.

#3 Parasail over Manly Beach in style


Lana got to get up-close and personal with Bachie Sam high above Manly beach on this fun date while he gushed about her eyes for literally almost the entire duration of this episode. Now you can nestle up beside your beloved at Manly Parasail and check out Sydney from 137 metres in the sky in this giant emoji parachute.

#4 Indoor skydive like a pro


You can try your hand at skydiving without the menace of the actual sky at iFly Downunder in Penrith. Sure, this particular date didn’t go so well for participant Bec (who swiftly exited the show in a waiting Nissan afterwards), but your romantic day here probably won’t end in a dumping – unless you really suck at it, I guess.

#5 Bumper love with go-kart racing


The show proved itself to be the Hunger Games of dating with the girls physically battling to win Sam’s heart with a round of friendly(ish) go-karting. You too can let out some pent up aggression while racing with your loved one at Luddenham Raceway in Sydney’s west.

#6 Hot-air balloon ride and schmooze at the Hunter Valley


Just saying – this date will officially win you a life partner, as Bachelor winner Snez found out all the way back in episode three. Cosy on up with a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise with Balloon Aloft and check out one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, the Hunter Valley with a champagne breakfast at Peterson House. You might even get a cheeky pash out of it.

(Lead image: Tenplay)

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