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Clear Your Lunch Schedule Because Macca’s Shaker Fries Are Back From Tomorrow

Clear Your Lunch Schedule Because Macca’s Shaker Fries Are Back From Tomorrow

It’s a phenomenon that science can’t explain, but somehow shaking your own chips in a bag to season them brings joy and makes them taste better. It’s a fact that McDonald’s is well aware aware of, so they’re bringing back their Cheeseburger Shaker Fries.

From tomorrow, August 5, you can pop into your local Macca’s around the country and re-live the joy you felt in 2017 when these bad bois first hit the menu.

For those of you who don’t remember, you basically just get your regular fries plus a flavour sachet, in this case it’s obbviously cheesburger flavour. Then you rip it open, empty the sachet into your chip packet (or big McDonald’s bag) and start shaking them around like you just don’t care. Wella, you have well-seasoned fries.

“Our delicious fries, which are made from 100% Australian potatoes, are an iconic part of our menu and a fan favourite right around the country,” said Jo Feeney, McDonald’s Australia’s Marketing Director.

“From tomorrow, our popular Cheeseburger Shaker Fries will be returning to the menu for a limited time, giving our customers the option to shake things up next time they order fries”.

McDonald’s has been doing the most to lift our spirits during this whole pandemic situation. They’ve also rolled out Banana Caramel Pie McFlurrys which are obviously delicious, if a little over the top. Not to mention their KitKat McFlurrys. KitKats obviously being in the top 10 of all chocolate types — especially now you can design your own flavours.

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Long story short, 2020 is pretty much a write off, except for weird and wonderful tasty treats that actually give me life right now.

(Lead Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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