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Drone Photographer Captures The World’s Best Resorts From Above

Drone Photographer Captures The World’s Best Resorts From Above

Nothing says relaxation quite like a resort. Not only do they offer ultimate tranquility (just think kicking back poolside with mojito in hand), but also make for some incredible photo ops.

Matt Spangard thinks so, too. He’s a drone photographer from North Carolina who has gathered an impressive collection of snaps of the world’s most beautiful resort locations –  all shot from the air.

Spangard’s says he was inspired to have a crack at drone photography by American artist Trey Ratcliff. “When I saw his first drone shot, I knew it was the perfect medium to bring my love of technology and photography together” he told AWOL.

There’s a big difference between shooting from the ground and from a drone, Spangard says: “I was at the dentist one time and they must have given me too much laughing gas – I was having an out-of-body experience, as I watched them work on me from above. Drone photography is [kind of] the same deal, minus the narcotics”.

“You can go anywhere and capture anything you can dream of – everything looks different from above, so it opens up so many new doors with every flight”.

But why resorts? It’s simple: “Who doesn’t love a good resort?”

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“The benefit of shooting resorts is that you also get to enjoy them, they’re a really nice place to be – I love to travel”.

Spangard shoots a number of different subjects, but says the architectural symmetry of the resorts he photographs is off the charts.

Of the lot, he says the shot of Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort in Mexico (at the top of this article) is his personal favourite.

“This has always been one of my favourite shots because the pool is, simply, tremendous. Every time I see it, I am transported right back to that afternoon, hanging out poolside with my wife – the only decision I had to make that day was to fly the drone or get in the pool…I chose both”.

You can find more of Matt’s works at his website, or on Instagram.

(Lead Image: Matt Spangard

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