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This Map Reveals The Most Popular Movies About Each Country

This Map Reveals The Most Popular Movies About Each Country

If you’ve ever pondered if your favourite countries also enjoy your favourite movies about them, then a new map is here to answer the question.

Does France realise Midnight In Paris is now the picture of Paris for me? Well, that and Moulin Rouge, though I know they’d hate me for that. Eat, Pray, Love must surely have also been popular in India, Italy and Bali, right (lel)?

No, my friends, they do not.

By looking at IMDB ratings for the best movies linked to each country (whether filmed, set, or produced there) according to public viewing, Vouchercloud pulled together a map of the most popular movies coming out of each country.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t recognise most of the results.

Image: Vouchercloud


For example, apparently the most popular film in Australia that’s also related to Australia is Hacksaw Ridge. I’m sorry, what now? I’ve just given it a quick google and apparently it’s a true war story starring Andrew Garfield. So yeah ok, it’s a Hollywood movie. But surely in Australia we’re all on the side of The Castle, Muriel’s Wedding or Priscilla Queen Of The Desert? Apparently the rest of the world doesn’t know what they’re missing out on.

The top movie for the United States wasn’t much of a shock though, with The Shawshank Redemption being the highest-rated film on IMDB that was produced in the United States. In fact, it had a ridiculously high average rating of 9.3 (out of 9.9) from almost two million voters.

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Then you have results like The Message for both Egypt and Libya, The Pirates of Somalia in Somalia and Sudan, First They Killed My Father from Cambodia (great film, I do approve) and The Pianist in Poland.

You’re probably starting to get the gist that it’s mostly dramas topping the list for each country, so apparently the world lacks a funny bone.

At any rate, you can check out a zoomed in version here.

(All Images: Vouchercloud)

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