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London Photographer Captures The Beauty In Waiting For Trains

London Photographer Captures The Beauty In Waiting For Trains

Nobody knows better than London photographer Luke Agbaimoni that beauty can be found the most unconventional places. He spends this time snapping arty, stunning shots at every underground, overground and DLR train station in London as part of an ongoing series.

“The London Underground is an historical and architectural beauty,” Agbaimoni says. “When you combine this with millions of commuters, this creates an endless story of images to be captured.”

Agbaimoni almost always takes a camera with him while commuting and quickly built up an impressive collection, so he decided to organise the images into a project called Tubemapper to share his work with others.

There are loads of stations in London, so he has a ways to go, but is keen on exploring other parts of the world. “I would never rule out capturing another city,” Agbaimoni says. “Though, if I were to do it, it would have to be a fully costed and commissioned project with a scheduled timetable — my London project already drives my family nuts”.

“There are constantly images in my head that I am yet to take, but I’m just waiting for the perfect weather and conditions for me to capture them.”

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You can find more of Agbaimoni’s work at Tube Mapper, or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

(All Images: Luke Agbaimoni)

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