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10 South Australian Adventures For Your Last-Minute Long Weekend Plans

10 South Australian Adventures For Your Last-Minute Long Weekend Plans

If, like me, you absolutely forgot there was a long weekend coming, then don’t worry because I’m here with some last minute inspiration.

While 2020 is the year of the staycation and local road trip, Australia is also starting to re-open its borders so your options just expanded, my friends.

South Australia will re-open to New South Wales this week, meaning nearly all states and territories can enjoy the delights there (sorry VIC).

With that in mind, and considering most of us will only have a long weekend to play with, here are the best 10 ways to spend it.

#1 Dive with the sea creatures at Eyre Peninsula

There are plenty of weird and wonderful underwater creatures to take a dip with in the Eyre Peninsula — swim with Giant Cuttlefish and dive with Great White Sharks for a start.

#2 Shuck your own oysters at Coffin Bay

Seafood doesn’t get much fresher than when you can collect and shuck your own oysters. Oyster farm tours around Coffin Bay allows you to do just that.

#3 Swim in a secluded sinkhole on the Limestone Coast

If you’re looking for a swim with a bit of a different twist, how about this very secluded sinkhole on the Limestone Coast? Little Blue Lake opened up between two dormant volcanoes for the swim of your life.

#4 Fly in a hot air balloon over the Barossa Valley

Wine never gets old, and neither do wineries, especially when the Barossa Valley is your backdrop. For a new point of view though, jump in a hot air balloon.

#5 Live on a houseboat on the Murray River

The Murray River — separating New South Wales and South Australia —  is a pretty spectacular sight. Soak it all in on board a private self-catered houseboat with a local guide to show you the ropes. 

#6 Sleep underground at Coober Pedy

I am so desperate to get to Coober Pedy it’s ridiculous. Sleeping 25 metres below the earth is quite an epic thing to tick off your bucket list.

#7 Check out an Adelaide sunset from up high

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Adelaide has some truly stunning sunsets, and there’s no better place to witness them than from up high. Take the Adelaide Oval Roof Climb 50 metres above the ground for the best views.

#8 Adventure the rugged Flinder’s Ranges

The Flinder’s Ranges are something else, but when you only have a long weekend it’s hard to take it all in. Enter 4WD tours that can show you the best of the area on half, three quarter or full day trips.

#9 Blend your own wine in McLaren Vale

See number four re: wine and wineries never getting old. Then kick it up a notch with a visit to the famous d’Aranberg Cube where you can blend your own grape juice and indulge in the cuisine.

#10 Walk over a salt lake

Lake Gairdner is Australia‘s fourth largest salt lake. It may even look familiar from being the background to numerous world-record speed attempts.

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