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Live Anywhere With This Tiny Home That Can Move With You

Live Anywhere With This Tiny Home That Can Move With You

Wanderlust is a feeling seasoned travellers know too well; that insurmountable urge to adventure. While it’s usually associated with closing up shop, picking yourself and your essentials up and leaving your creature comforts, it doesn’t necessarily need to be.

Gone are the days where having a mobile home means living out of a van or an old camper. It’s now on trend and increasingly easy to have a mobile home in style. Take KODA, for example.


This pre-fabricated home is designed to be able to move around with its owners as its design means it doesn’t require rooted foundations on whatever land it inhabits. At only 25-square-metres in size, the act of relocating the home can happen in as little as four hours.


The solar-powered tiny house comes with rooftop panels that produce more energy than the house could ever have need for. But what if your adventures take you to chillier pastures? KODA features vacuum-insulated concrete walls to ensure the internal temperature stays as comfy as your new lifestyle.


Perhaps the most beautiful feature of the house its glass-fronted design, which ensures that wherever you go, you’re destined to be spoilt with views of your surroundings.

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The KODA is set to be priced at around $123,990AUD, and is currently available in Estonia, which begs the question: when are you going to organise a trip to inspect it?

Take a look at this video which shows the KODA being disassembled and moved.


(All images: Kodsema)

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