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Ice, Slice Baby: A Philadelphia Ice Creamery Is Serving Pizza-Flavoured Scoops

Ice, Slice Baby: A Philadelphia Ice Creamery Is Serving Pizza-Flavoured Scoops

File this one under “Definitely would try at least once”: An ice cream parlour in the US state of Philadelphia is serving up scoops designed to taste like pizza.

The dinner-dessert hybrid was created by the folks at Little Baby’s Ice Cream and sees savoury flavours like oregano, cheese and tomato blended together into a frozen, icy treat.

“Frequently, folks will see it on the menu and be incredulous, then be convinced to taste it, giggle, talk about how surprised they are that it really tastes just like pizza…and then order something else,” Little Baby’s co-owner Pete Angevin told Lonely Planet.

But he adds that Little Baby’s fans are open to pretty much whatever he and his team throw at them.

“We’ve done a pretty good job over the last few years ‘training’ our customers to be open-minded enough to try free samples of all the cockamamie flavours we’ve come up with.”

Little Baby’s is famous for its oddball mash-ups, which have included Earl Grey Sriracha (pictured below), Everything Bagel, Maryland BBQ and Cricket Cake. (Just last week, a New York City establishment debuted a sundae topped with grasshoppers.)

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Angevin added that they’ve never made bacon-flavoured ice cream because, well, everyone wants them to, but we reckon it’s high time they gave the people what they want.

If you’re game to give it a go, you can find them at either 2311 Frankford Avenue or 4903 Catharine Street in Philadelphia.

(Lead image: @littlebabysic / Instagram)

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